LDI New Product: Cineo Quantum120

LDI New Product: Cineo Quantum120

The Quantum120 features Cineo’s proprietary LEDs that carry the same color quality as its Remote Phosphor fixtures. Measuring 48”x48”x5.5” (1.2m x 1.2m x 14cm), the fixture weighs 55lbs (25kg), inclusive of its integrated power supply and electronics. It outputs up to 75,000 lumens of light while drawing 1,200W. The fixture is able to dim from 0 to 100% locally or remotely, remaining flicker free on all light levels without color shift. Color temperature is variable from 2,700K to 6,000K, with presets at 2,700K, 3,200K, 4,300K, 5,600K, and 6,000K. Control is local or remote via DMX and configurable via RDM. A passive cooling system without fans ensures quiet operation. The fixture can be fitted with standard 4x4 frames and comes with a removable Snapbag™ softbox. Multiple mounting options are available, including a heavy-duty yoke. cineolighting.com

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