LDI New Product: Cineo HS2 Wave

LDI New Product: Cineo HS2 Wave

The HS2 Wave is a continuation of Cineo’s HS product series, with an enhanced ergonomic design, and integrated lamp head and power supply that are preconfigured for one-piece operation. Key electronic enhancements include integration of LumenRadio™ receivers for wireless DMX support and RDM programing. A 5V USB port is now available on the back of the fixture to power third-party wireless receivers, as well as to accommodate quick and seamless firmware updates. The components are 100% percent cross-compatible with all legacy HS fixtures, power supplies, accessories, phosphor panels, and cabling, allowing current users of the HS line to use the HS2 Wave with their current setup. cineolighting.com

Visit LDI for more information.

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