LDI New Product: Blizzard Lighting Kryo.Morph

LDI New Product: Blizzard Lighting Kryo.Morph

Kryo.Morph™ from Blizzard Lighting is a hybrid beam/wash/spot moving head that uses a 280W HRI discharge lamp and features two gobo wheels: rotating and static. The rotating gobo wheel has nine rotating, indexable, and replaceable slot-n-lock glass gobos, while the static gobo wheel has 10 metal gobos and four beam reducers. It ranges from a narrow 5° to 20° spot effect to a 2.5° to 10° beam effect, and for wider effects, users can add the six-way linear or eight-way circular prisms that move in either direction at variable speeds. Other features include 540°/270° pan and tilt movement, a color wheel with 13 dichroic filters plus white, motorized zoom and focus, four-button LCD touchscreen menu, PowerCON® compatible input, and dual ¼-turn omega mounting brackets. blizzardlighting.com

Visit LDI for more information.

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