LDI New Product: Benjamin Electric DMX Smart Contactor

LDI New Product: Benjamin Electric DMX Smart Contactor

The DMX Smart Contactor from Benjamin Electric is a DMX-controlled, high-amperage switch comprising a UL/IEC-rated contactor that performs on/off operation of high-current loads, up to ‪225A, over DMX, RDM, or sACN. The contactor is housed in a wall-mountable NEMA 1 enclosure, painted in satin black, and built and labeled to UL-508A standards. The DMX address is remotely configurable using an RDM device or manually via the built-in thumbwheel switch. The position of the contactor is maintained upon loss of DMX communication, and in the event of power loss and restoration, the last position is maintained. The device is typically used for general purpose loads, motor loads, ballast loads, and tungsten lighting loads. benjaminelectric.com

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