LDI New Product: Ben Peoples Industries Horatio

LDI New Product: Ben Peoples Industries Horatio

The Horatio Architainment Monitoring System from Ben Peoples Industries is an internet-connected system that monitors unattended lighting systems, collects diagnostic data, and sends out immediate notifications of problems. Designed to be manufacturer-agnostic, it increases the accessibility and visibility of the inner workings of any lighting network. The system consists of two parts. The first is a cloud-based website that acts as a reporting system, powers notifications, and provides a mobile and desktop experience. The second is the Horatio Bridge Device (HBD), a 1RU embedded system that bridges between the lighting network and the internet. The HBD provides a secure connection into the lighting network, queues reports, and provides local storage of data, even if the internet connection goes down. benpeoples.com

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