LDI New Product: Ayrton MagicBurst

LDI New Product: Ayrton MagicBurst

The MagicBurst™ from Ayrton is a 240,000-lumen, spinning graphic LED strobe, with continuous, unlimited rotation on the pan and tilt axes. The unit’s 384x38 mm square face supports 3,840 high-output white LEDs, grouped into 64 pixels on an 8x8 matrix, and combines with a 1,300W power supply, calibrated at 5,600K. The strobe duration, speed, and intensity of each LED pixel group can be individually controlled, while individual sections can also be controlled to create graphic arrays. There is also a library of fixed images and preprogrammed dynamic effects. The fixture can be grouped in arrays with the MagicPanel™-FX or with other display units. Morpheus Lights is the exclusive US distributor for Ayrton. ayrton.eu or morpheuslights.com

Visit LDI for more information.

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