LDI 2014 New Product: Rosco Braq Cube WNC

LDI 2014 New Product: Rosco Braq Cube WNC

Braq Cube WNC is an ultra-compact, tunable white 100W LED fixture, designed by Black Tank. The fixture is 5" cubed and can generate 7,100 lumens of white light with variable color temperature (2,700K to 6,500K) from a subtle mix of warm, neutral, and cool white LED emitters. The fixtures have high-quality color rendering and dimming function as well as a modular, reconfigurable form factor, allowing them to be used in studios as keylights, mounted in theatres as PAR replacements, hidden in set pieces, or used offstage as houselights. The fixture is capable of up to 92 CRI with adjustable beam angles, making it suitable for use in architectural and themed environments. Additional features include universal 90-240VAC input, DMX addressability, and ETL/CE certifications.
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