LDI 2014 New Product: Le Maitre USA EcoHazer

LDI 2014 New Product: Le Maitre USA EcoHazer

The new EcoHazer is an energy-efficient, water-based hazer that consumes 100W to 150W with a completely new heating system born out of the company’s experience when it developed the HazeMaster. It draws less than 0.4A at operating temperature, and it is self-regulating temperature-wise. The hazer has a variable output of 2cc per hour to 50cc per hour and can be operated either manually via its control panel with two rotary controls for output and fan or via two channels of DMX. A three-digit LED display displays the settings. The hazer takes five minutes to heat up. Turning haze off and then power off ensures haze is flushed out of the system. 
For more, download the December issue of Live Design for free from the Apple App Store for iPad or iPhone or from Google Play for Android tablet or smartphone.
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