LDI 2014 New Product: Core Lighting PinPoint

LDI 2014 New Product: Core Lighting PinPoint

The PinPoint is a compact IP65-rated wireless pin-spot/birdie that weighs 24.6oz (700 grams) with a single LED light source that outputs 300 lumens. The head is connected to the base via a flexible stainless steel gooseneck for maximum focus. The light is finished with a brushed aluminum housing. Further options include the base being capable of vertical or horizontal orientation. The base is also magnetic for additional mounting options. The standard battery life (fully charged) provides 10 to 12 hours of illumination. The fixture is offered in a flight case system of 10 units and includes an integral charging facility. 
For more, download the December issue of Live Design for free from the Apple App Store for iPad or iPhone or from Google Play for Android tablet or smartphone.
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