LDI 2014 New Product: Artistic Licence/TMB nanoScope Pocket DMX Tester

The nanoScope, a pocket-sized tester for DMX and RDM, is lightweight and battery-powered, with a translucent plastic casing, and features a built-in five-pin XLR connector. It lights up in different colors to indicate findings. Two modes of operation exist, selected by a recessed slide switch that also controls power. In pixel mode, it displays the first three DMX channels as an RGB mix, indicating the expected data is on the cable. Analysis mode can be used to check for more subtle problems or to gain detailed feedback. The tester displays one long blip (green or red) and then a train of short colored blips representing different attributes of the DMX or RDM signal. The device can distinguish between six types of good/informational signals and five types of bad/unusual signals. A legend printed on the side notes what each color means. TMB is a distributor for Artistic Licence.
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