How It’s Made: ETC’s Source Four LEDs

How It’s Made: ETC’s Source Four LEDs

Discovery Science Channel’s show How It’s Made will air a special episode on stagelights that features ETC’s Source Four® LED luminaires. The episode will premiere in the U.S. tonight, Thursday, April 9th, at 8:00pm CDT, on the Science Channel, which is available through most North American cable television providers.

A year ago, a film crew visited ETC’s headquarters in Middleton, Wisconsin, to shoot footage of Source Four LED luminaires being assembled. They interviewed the employees responsible for each aspect of the manufacturing process to get an idea of what goes into producing the fixtures. Because all of the work is done in house at the main ETC factory, a customer can place an order for luminaires in the morning, and they can be fully assembled and shipped in the afternoon. 

Check out part of the episode below.

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