A Holiday Light Show From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

A Holiday Light Show From A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Featured in ABC Television's "The Great Christmas Light Fight" and on Good Morning America, Tom BetGeorge's tribute to his favorite Star Wars songs can be seen from miles away, maybe even from a galaxy far, far away.

The music teacher/director mixed the music and sound effects himself using Digital Performer. About 12,500 channels run the almost 100,000 lights, which he sequenced using LOR. He also built the props himself: Constructed out of wood, acrylic, plastic, and metal, the guitar is 17' and the piano 19'. 

The Star Wars enthusiast was quite thoughtful while assembling this display: He made sure to keep the light beams out of the way of surrounding homes and flight paths. He also uses the display to raise money for the poor and homeless through his church.

If you're in the Newark, California area, check out the display in person most nights from 6-10pm on the corner of Lafayette and Ruschin. Watch the video, which BetGeorge filmed from atop a 35' lift.

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