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FloppyFlex LED Neon Tours with Adele

Grammy-laden Londoner Adele debuts her new stadium show this month on a six-city tour of Australia and New Zealand, to be continued in the UK in June.  The opening in Perth broke records with 65,000 in ticket sales for a single night.  Anyone fortunate enough to attend one of these sold-out shows cannot miss 285 meters of Firefly FloppyFlex LED neon lining the star’s surround-walk in the 360˚ in-the-round production.

“This is Adele’s first arena tour and the design is stunning,” says Firefly Founding Director, Heath Williamson.  “Everything is traditionally lit for a warm, classic tungsten look.  The FloppyFlex RGB is mixed for warm and cool whites, as well as the occasional red – all done with the greatest taste.  Double runs of FloppyFlex coupled together render them even more impressive than usual, whether from the upper rows of the stadium or even the news chopper flying overhead!  The programming is some of the most tasteful, elegant use of the product we’ve seen to date.”

FloppyFlex for the tour is provided by Tait Towers.  Lighting is by Woodroffe Bassett Design.

Firefly FloppyFlex LED Neon is the perfect replacement for glass neon:  Easy to use, long lasting, durable, and, at 24VDC, safe.  Perfect for use indoors and outdoors, FloppyFlex is available in large dome (270° view angle), small dome (160° view angle), and flat versions.  Standard single-color versions include Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, plus RGB and Digital RGB (pixel controlled) versions, as well as a wide selection of single-color white options ranging from 2100 to 5700 Kelvin.  Also available in the Firefly range of decorative, outdoor-rated lighting systems are Festoon with shatterproof, outdoor-rated LED lamps, and Fairy Lights – long-life, heavy-duty LED Strings and Icicles.

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