Explore The New Features Of Vectorworks Spotlight 2021


Global design and BIM software provider Vectorworks, Inc. today released the English language version of Vectorworks Spotlight 2021 as well as 2021 versions of Vision, Braceworks, and ConnectCAD. The latest edition's enhancements empower designers with simplicity needed to design the complex.

Check out a brief description of the new Vectorworks Spotlight 2021 features:

Smart Options Display

  • Eliminate the need to move between the drawing area and tool palettes with these new tool shortcuts at your mouse's display.

Quick Search

  • Find and activate any tool or menu command by typing in what you need and Vectorworks will make suggestions.

Vectorworks Graphic Module

  • Save the VGM cache for up to 5x faster file loading. 

Smart Markers

  • Create your own drawing marker from scratch and define unique graphics.


  • Control graphic attributes and define and modify 2D and 3D graphics.


Lighting Device Object

  • Focus multiple lighting devices and fan-pan and fan-tilt any group of devices with the new Focus Lighting Devices command.

Structural Grid

  • Draw your grid in plan and it will automatically appear in all views, with no need for multiple drawing views.

Excel Import/Export

  • Export Vectorworks worksheets to Excel or import Excel spreadsheets for improved workflow with collaborators.

Cable Tools Improvements

  • Create cable objects and manage cable planning with the new Preview Feature, which is compatible with Braceworks to calculate cable impacts on a system; submit suggestions for improvement to the Vectorworks Community Board.

3D Modeling Enhancements

  • Split the face of a solid and manipulate its geometry with the Line tool; highlight a face or edge for direct editing; and explore more new features.

Audio Tool Improvements

  • Create more realistic models with more accurate speakers and bumpers in the new Speaker and Speaker Array tools.


Project Sharing Server

  • Easily install this new server to collaborate with multiple users from different computers, regardless of operating systems and communication protocols, and ensure they all use the same method of communication with the server on the Vectorworks project.

ConnectCAD Device Placement

  • Quickly lay multiple numbered devices with the new Linear Array mode.

Detachable Tab Palettes

  • Detach tabs from Object Information, Navigation (Design Series only), and Visualization palettes and either dock them, let them float, or move them to a second monitor.

ConnectCAD Workflow Improvements

  • Navigate quickly between schematic views both in Vectorworks and published PDFs you share via new hyperlinked arrow connections. 

Duplicate Array and Move By Points

  • Use the Duplicate Array in 3D view for enhanced use and simplicity, and create a live preview of your operation using the Move By Points tool.

Visit vectorworks.net/en-US/2021 for further information.

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