Elation Releases Design 300 Series Intelligent Moving Heads

Don’t let the 300-watt lamps on Elation Professional’s new Design 300 Series moving heads fool you. The Design Spot 300E and Design Wash 300E may be rated as 300-watters, but thanks to their brand-new Philips Fast Fit MSR 300 lamps and an advanced high luminous optical system, these intelligent fixtures give off a massively brilliant output rivaling that of a much larger unit.

A hybrid spot/wash and wash effect respectively, the Design Spot 300E and Design Wash 300E are bright enough to perform on the largest of stages. In addition to being exceedingly bright, the Philips Fast Fit MSR 300 lamp used in the Design 300 Series is -- as its name suggests -- easier to install into a light fixture. Two rods on the lamp simply slide to the back of the unit, turn and lock into place. The lamp’s ease of installation and secure fit allowed Elation’s designers to use smaller fixture cases for the Design 300 Series, another reason why the units emit such a powerful output for their compact size.

“The Design 300 Series was designed to deliver amazing brightness and light quality in a 300-watt unit,” says Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional. “These fixtures really have to be seen to be believed. Along with their brilliant output, we’ve given them other features that you don’t typically see in fixtures of this compact size,” he adds. “Even though they’re 300-watt units, they’re positioned to compete with larger lights.”

Among the Design 300 Series’ professional features that are typically found only on larger units are: a CMY color mixing system, lightweight electronic ballast, and pan/tilt lock. Additionally, both fixtures have an all-new LCD information system with an easy-to-read 40-character screen. The larger, improved screen provides more information, such as the temperature of the unit, and makes this information more readily accessible to users.

“The general idea of the Design 300 Series was to go to a smaller fixture, but still offer all the professional features that designers want,” explains Loader. “Our customers have been telling us that they want more compact, affordable fixtures, and the Design Spot 300E and Design Wash 300E are packed with designer-requested features.”

Here is a closer look at the two units:

Design Spot 300E
The Design Spot 300E is a versatile unit that can perform as both a spot and wash effect. This is because it has a variable Frost Filter that, when applied, will soften the hard edges of the spot, turning it into a more muted wash-like effect. It also features a full-functioning Iris that can transform its beams from narrow to wide (5%-100%).

Along with smooth CMY color mixing, the Design Spot 300E is loaded with gobos and effects. It includes 10 dichroic filters (7 color, UV, CTO, CTB, plus white) and can provide continuous variable speed color scrolling in both directions. Equipped with 2 gobo wheels (14 total gobos: 11 metal, 3 glass; 7 rotating, 7 static), it is capable of the popular gobo morphing effect. Additionally, it contains an effects wheel with a 3-facet rotating/indexing prism and a 3D glass “infinity” prism.

Design Wash 300E
The Design Wash 300E features a new 360° beam shaper and can rotate beams by 90°. Additionally, it includes a Frost Filter for a softer beam. A motorized zoom, operational remotely via DMX, provides an adjustable 18° to 28° beam angle.

The Design Wash 300E includes 8 dichroic filters (red, green, blue, 3200K, 5600K, UV, plus white) and features continuous variable coloring scrolling in both directions. Its CMY system can produce a continuous range of colors and contains 30 color macros.

Both the Design Spot 300E and Design Wash 300E have a shutter with variable speed strobe effect (1-13 flashes per second), dual flag mechanical dimming system, and flicker free operation. Each unit is equipped with 16 DMX channels, and features remote DMX addressing and 3-pin and 5-pin XLR input/output.

The Design Spot 300E measures 14”L x 14”W x 22.5”H and weighs 51 lbs. The Design Wash 300E measures 14”L x 14”W x 22.5”H and weighs 59 lbs.

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