Elation Introduces DLED36 Tri-Brick

Elation Professional has made a major breakthrough in RGB LED fixtures: the introduction of tri-color LEDs. Instead of each LED lamp being a single color, the new tri-color technology makes it possible for each lens to contain a combination of three 1-watt LEDs: red, green, and blue. This advanced 3-color innovation gives users tremendous advantages over single-color LEDs, including improved RGB color mixing, the elimination of multi-color shadows, and a much brighter, more even field.

Now Elation is introducing the first LED fixture to utilize the revolutionary tri-color technology, the DLED36 Tri-Brick. An RGB color mixing brick, the DLED36 Tri-Brick features four heads, each containing three of the new tri-color LED lamps for a total of 12 tri-color lamps. With 1W of red, green, and blue LEDs per lamp, there are a total of 36 1W LEDs in this high-output, compact fixture.

The DLED36 Tri-Brick’s enhanced tri-color LED performance will be readily apparent to the eye, says Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional. “End-users were asking for LED fixtures with better color mixing that didn’t produce the 3-color shadows you often see on surfaces illuminated by LEDs,” Loader notes. “Elation’s R&D team responded to this demand by making a major breakthrough in LED technology, which allows us to actually combine a red, green, and blue LED in the same lens.

“This innovation results in vastly improved color mixing, clarity and brightness,” Loader adds. “Plus, we were able to put all of this is a small compact package that is convection cooled.”

Loader explains how the DLED36 Tri-Brick’s tri-color LEDs mix colors more smoothly: “Previously, if a fixture had 12 LEDs (4 each of red, green, and blue) and you wanted to create a mixed color like magenta, only the red and blue LEDs would be turned on and all the green LEDs would need to be off. But with Elation’s exclusive new tri-color technology, all 24 LEDs can run continuously, and you see the magenta color created in each lens. The result is a more “blended” even-toned mixed color. Plus, the tri-color technology magically also creates a better range of white colors; thus we did not see the need to add an amber or white LED, which can give you a better white but limits your primary color output.”

Along with providing superior color mixing, the DLED36 Tri-Brick’s tri-color lamps eliminate the common problem of LED fixtures creating noticeable multicolor shadows on illuminated surfaces. The new technology also enhances brightness; the DLED36 Tri-Brick generates an incredibly bright output of 2,720 LUX @ 1m and 350 LUX @ 3 m. Yet in true energy-saving LED fashion, it draws very little power in comparison (50 watts at full power).

The DLED36 Tri-Brick offers 0-100% electronic dimming, and this is yet another feature where users will see improvements as a result of the new tri-color LED technology.

A DMX controllable fixture, the DLED36 Tri-Brick can be run in 6, 12, or 15 channel operational modes. Each of its LEDs can be controlled individually via DMX. As another option, the DLED36 Tri-Brick can be operated without a DMX controller via 8 built-in programs with speed control. Multiple units can also be linked in a master-slave configuration, and all of this is done via a 4-character LED display on the back of the unit.

The DLED36 Tri-Brick features a built-in power supply with auto range voltage 100-240V. Its linkable power/data make it easy to connect multiple units together to make a strip or blinder.

Other features of the DLED36 Tri-Brick include: a 38.5° beam angle with optional 15° lens available, and an eye-popping strobe effect that can be set to flash anywhere from 1–18 times per second. The Tri-Brick’s long-life LEDs are rated at 50,000 hours.

Compact, the DLED36 Tri-Brick measures 16.5”L x 3.25”W x 6.75”H and weighs only 5 lbs. It comes with a convenient mounting bracket with safety I-hook, and units can be easily linked together into a strip configuration.

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