Colour-Tramp Expands


Colour-Tramp is a lighting controller from Artistic Licence for two and three dimensional arrays of color changers in large architectural lighting systems.
It contributes to the convergence of light and video by allowing the designer to choose a preferred medium. Lighting designers are able to use the free offline version as an authoring tool for the client presentation; the offline programming can be reused for the actual show.

The latest version release (1.45) contains a wealth of new features that have been requested by customers or simply needed for a particular installation.
One feature is the concept of visual mapping fixture date. Colour-Tramp uses Art-Net and RDM (Remote Device Management) to retrieve sensor information from the lighting fixtures. This could be temperature, voltage, lamp hours, or any other feature the fixture manufacturer desires. Visual mapping allows this sensor data to be displayed in realtime on a geographic colour coded map of the installation.

Colour-Tramp also sports a new effects engine capable of generating static or animated visual effects based on a library of geometric shapes. Also new is the added ability to export shows to installation products Light-Switch and Dimmer-Switch. This works with the offline version, so you don't even have to pay for Colour-Tramp. The offline version can be downloaded from the Artistic Licence web site here.

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