City Theatrical Track Tamers and Safer Sidearms Hardware Achieve CE Compliance

(City Theatrical)

City Theatrical hardware products, Track Tamers™ and Safer Sidearms™, are now CE certified and RoHS compliant, and an ideal solution to support large lighting projects around the world. The safe working load (SWL) for all Track Tamers is 250 lbs. when used in straight down position. The SWL for Safer Sidearms ranges from 50 – 200 lbs., depending on type.

Load-rated Track Tamers separate the lockdown of the track from the lockdown of the lighting fixture, making the lighting technician’s job faster and safer. Many lighting installations use Unistrut with Unistrut nuts, but Unistrut nuts are deficient when it comes to hanging lighting fixtures. To focus a lighting fixture, one must loosen the Unistrut nut and risk it popping out and leaving the user with a lighting fixture in your arms at the top of a lift or ladder. City Theatrical Track Tamers were designed to overcome these problems.

Track Tamers’ deep grooves grip the track tightly to prevent it from coming out, and separate the lockdown of the track from the lockdown of the lighting fixture. With a Track Tamer, the user can easily slide the fixture into position (without danger of falling out of the track), then lock it down to the track while still leaving the fixture free to focus. After the fixture is focused, it then can be locked down tightly for the run of the show, making it a safer and efficient way to hang entertainment lighting fixtures.

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Load-rated Safer Sidearms safely support heavier modern lighting fixtures. City Theatrical Safer Sidearms use a diagonal brace to transfer the load off the clamp and onto the vertical pipe, making them stronger and safer to use. Steel Safer Sidearms are bigger and more rugged, designed for speakers and moving lights.

The safe working load for Safer Sidearms and Safer Sidearm Junior is 50 lbs., while the SWL for Steel Safer Sidearms and Pipe End Tail Down is 200 lbs. The SWL for Better Boom Arm (P/N 210M), which is available only in Europe, is 100 lbs., or 45.36 kg.

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