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Tactic m2 is a comprehensive all-in-one solution for professional real-time video performance and composition. Its hybrid solution generates high quality real-time video performances by combining video triggering, scratching, source mixing, and live camera manipulation for total control of hundreds of effects and layers. It ships with Tactic Pro 1.5 software that can run on almost any current computer, and onboard controls are ergonomically designed for ease of use in live venues, making it suitable for artists, VJs, DJs, filmmakers, musicians, designers, and editors.
Livid Instruments
Hoboken, NJ
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Mbox Extreme combines the video playback capabilities of the Mbox with the 3D scene creation environment of the EX1. It can be programmed and operated from any 16-bit DMX-based lighting console, allowing video playback to be easily sequenced with lighting cues. Server control is via DMX, Virtuoso-Node®, or Art-Net. One video output (RGBHV, VGA, or SDI) is used to drive a projector, LED wall, or plasma screen. It supports five layers of video or 3D objects, with cross fading on the same layer. Individual control of shutters, true keystone correction, and optimized edge blending allow multiple projectors to create one seamless image. Multiple servers can play video content without losing synchronization. A moveable camera viewpoint can be dollied, orbited, and rolled. Four lighting sources are available in the 3D environment (one ambient, three fixed position) and can be dimmed or colored.
North Bergen, NJ
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A tiny, plastic-encased LED spherical module, MiSPHERE was designed and developed by Barco at its R&D headquarters in Belgium specifically for U2's Vertigo tour. With 360° viewing angles, opaque, light-diffusing casing, and the ability to play both full video and data, it bridges the gap between existing video and lighting products, enabling it to be used for both application purposes. Individual MiSPHERES are daisy-chained into a string, with several strings forming a 3D visualization curtain. Each piece acts as a pixel within the curtain, making it possible to display images and simulate lighting effects across the entire curtain, while also achieving a see-through effect and multiple-angle viewing effect. An entire digital curtain can be retracted and lowered throughout the show, as needed.
Sacramento, CA
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grandMA video is a software-based media server that runs on any commercially available PC. With the same graphic user interface and command structures familiar to grandMA operators, programming and image/video manipulation are done in the same manner as programming a moving light on a grandMA console. It is fully integrated into the MA-Net network protocol instead of being triggered via DMX. Fully bi-directional communication between grandMA consoles and grandMA video is possible. Features include the ability to preview content for browsing as thumbnail images in the console's preset-view and scalability with a maximum of 15 applications linkable via network to a grandMA console. To increase performance, the system can be set up with selective function and layer parameters.
A.C.T Lighting
Agoura Hills, CA
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TITAN 6000sx+ is the smallest in DPI's lineup of professional series displays. The twin-lamp display employs the latest in Texas Instruments' dark metal, three-chip DLPtechnology. Compact and ultra-quiet for its performance class, it can be ordered with DPI's signature Pro Series rigging and stacking frame, which provides integrated pitch, roll, and yaw adjustments. The projector delivers 6,000 lumens and 2,000:1 contrast through native SXGA+ resolution of 1400×1050 pixels.
Digital Projection International
Kennesaw, GA
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Now fully released, Maxedia runs up to 20 layers simultaneously while using as little as 25 DMX channels. It offers 3D effects with real-time manipulation features. Programming is done on the system itself via an external monitor or optional touchscreen, rather than by using DMX alone, but programming and playback also can be done without the use of a DMX lighting console using the internal virtual video switcher. User definable wipes allow complex transition effects. Other features include framing, keystoning, and masking; an interactive Media Manager that allows importing AVI, MOV, FLASH, JPG, and BMP files directly; extensive media content included; real time speed adjustments with frame blending; and live camera support.
Martin Professional
Aarhus, Denmark
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DL2 is a digital automated lighting fixture featuring an integrated media server. This single package provides a three-LCD-panel light engine with a media server and preloaded content, along with the Digital Eye Technology integrated Sony video camera and illuminator. It mounts like other intelligent moving luminaires and controls with plug-and-play operation using standard DMX cabling and protocols. There is no need for RGB cabling and no media servers at front-of-house. A Content Management Application running on a workstation or laptop computer provides remote control of uploading and cross-loading content, upgrading software and fixture configuration for multiple fixtures.
High End Systems
Austin, TX
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Montage II is a seamless, widescreen, and multi-display control platform that supports Vista's Spyder family of processors. With analog and digital I/Os and a more modular design, it can handle a variety of shows from single-screen applications to more complex events. Features include digital I/O (DVI, SDI, HD-SDI) previously unavailable on Montage; composite S-Video I/O previously unavailable on Montage; more powerful outputs which can be native or scaled TwinDVI (10-bit) hardware; I/O expansion (32×32 maximum per pixel space); mixing of background stills at full display resolution; image capture from incoming video channel; improved, more natural-looking shadows and borders; and color keying in addition to standard luminance keying. With its smaller footprint, every eight channels now fit in three rack units.
Vista Systems, Corp.
Phoenix, AZ
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The Hippotizer V2.14 media server features simultaneous video playback across all eight layers with no frame rate decay. Up to four live video inputs are available, as well as two independent or linked outputs, plus preview. Control is via DMX, RS232, or MIDI. Features include 84 variable effects, each one independently controlled on each layer, including: soft edge blending, X/Y scaling, cropping shutter, inverse luma keying, masking, strobe, color balance, and blur. Control functions include 16 different mix modes; X, Y, and Z positioning; reset for all functions and effects on every layer, plus rotation, brightness, contrast, and layer patching; viewing of media files as thumbnails; and programming with or without a lighting console or both simultaneously.
Pacoima, CA
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PixelMAD is an Apple MAC-based system enabling video playback to be input to DMX devices, reducing programming time for complex patterns and effects. Multiple QuickTime movies can be mixed in layers together on screen and output as DMX, which is then sent to the chosen lighting fixtures/surface. The software is being used to control the playback of low-resolution video imagery across a massive LED surface submerged under 4' of water in the outdoor Lake of Dreams at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas (pictured). There, it controls 24 universes of DMX and 4,012 Color Kinetics C-Splash 2 LED fixtures spread across the base of the three-acre lake. The system provides eight layers of digital media playback and 1:1 pixel mapping.
Projected Image Digital
London, England
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The DMX to RS-232 interface (Model DMX2232) is a customizable platform that allows DMX lighting consoles to communicate with devices controlled by RS-232. A recent such application incorporated the interface for control of the intensity of a Lighthouse Technologies LED video panel. The RS-232 interface connects the lighting console's DMX output and the Lighthouse M4 LIP-SX/DX/KX LED panel interface processor. The lighting designer can then coordinate and balance the intensity of the LED displays from within the stage lighting cues. The interface uses two consecutive DMX channels. Channel 1 selects one of three trigger modes — Auto, Hold, and Send — and determines when the screen intensity command is sent. Channel 2 sets the screen intensity.
Doug Fleenor Design
Arroyo Grande, CA
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NG1 is a solution for clients who want to introduce video to corporate or leisure environments. It has been specifically tailored to provide playback and add effects to both stored and live source video media. The media server allows use of video and 3D mapping, including advanced keystoning features. It is specifically tailored to provide playback and to add effects to stored and live video media sources. It's the first member of Radical Lighting's “click and fit” range that will eventually offer a broad spectrum of streamlined products, each specializing in a different display control requirement. Each unit will operate as a stand-alone program in addition to merging with its associates as a build-your-own bespoke digital media server.
Radical Lighting
Bradford, England
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The Medialon MIP (Multimedia Interactive Player) is designed for multimedia playback applications. Suitable for public venues such as museums, rides, and dynamic signage applications, it can play any type of media and operates in a stand alone, plug-and-play mode. It can be configured and programmed via the Internet, TCP/IP network, web browser, or by Medialon Show Manager.
Miami, FL
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Pandora's Box is a media server/player that allows the user to manipulate images and videos freely in three-dimensional space on up to 12 layers. Physically accurate keystone correction, for extreme projection angles and for round or curved surfaces, means that what is on screen really is what you see on stage. Multi-screen, vertical and horizontal soft-edge blending capabilities accommodate unusual screen shapes and non-standard aspect ratios. Full-scene anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering, along with a hardware-accelerated graphics engine, allows high quality image and video output. Each system is broadcast-ready through an SDI option. An extensive content library is provided, but each system is also capable of import and native use of MPEG-2, MPEG-1, Windows Media, AVI, JPG, and QuickTime files. A RAID hard drive, DVD burner, and Gigabit LAN Ethernet connection are standard.
coolux Inc.
Hollywood, CA
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The Roadie 25K utilizes Texas Instruments' three-chip DLP technology, offering 2K resolution at 25,000 ANSI lumens and a 1,600:1 contrast ratio. Intended for large audiences and high-end users, it features separate projection head and ballast and an external extraction fan that provides more placement options. A self-aligning lamp, adjustable brightness levels, and 16 lens options (high brightness, high contrast, and anamorphic lenses) enable the use of a single projector for various applications. It also features compatibility with virtually any source in use today, from VGA through QXGA and all current types of HDTV. All-new 10-bit digital processing delivers crisp images. It offers Picture-in-Picture, high-bandwidth signal processing, optional ChristieTWIST image warping and edge-blending, and seamless switching. It is also fully networkable. Remote control and inventory management can be accomplished with onboard ChristieNET networking solution.
Christie Digital Systems, Inc.
Cypress CA
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ClassicFrame was released as the first transparent video-capable LED display system in the world, according to G-LEC. It has seen action from outdoor art projects to hanging off skyscraper buildings, from corporate industrial shows and visitor centers to rock concerts. It works best on a large scale, with ultra-bright LEDs mounted in clear plastic tubes fixed on lightweight and rugged aluminum frames suitable for touring. A powerful graphics computer allows two layers of graphics or one graphic layer together with a live video input.
Scharff Weisberg
Long Island City, NY
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Pacoima, CA
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Fresco video control software has been updated to version 1.5, with support for Mac OS X and TCP/IP communications. It controls a wide range of video equipment, including scalar systems, switchers, and media servers. It can also interface with MIDI, MIDI show control, and DMX systems. It can trigger cues to control any of these devices based on DMX inputs, allowing complete video systems to be controlled from DMX channels. Over 100 devices are currently supported. New additions using Ethernet control include: GVG Turbo, Barco Encore, and HES Catalyst.
Spear Morgan
San Francisco, CA
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Brash! is a media synthesizer that creates imagery in a virtual 3D environment. It generates and manipulates content in real time. The system consists of control via DMX or MIDI; four BNC composite live video inputs, and one FireWire video input. Features include fully dynamic 360° 3D orbit camera position with zoom; RGB color adjustment and intensity/blackout; horizontal and vertical scaling and position; preset recall with adjustable transition speed; and keystone correction on selected layers. Effects include: 24 customizable effects/layers with individual customizable parameters; four video layers with chroma keying and video speed adjust; video that can be mapped onto a 3D object and chroma keyed with live or prerecorded video; static overlay mask; four each particle system generators, texturizers, EQ effects, and custom 3D objects; and two dynamic gobo masks.
BRASH! Live Systems Inc.
Toronto, Canada
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PixelDrive allows the fusion of digital imagery with DMX driven lighting consoles. The system imports video images into any LED fixture, which then acts as another projection surface. The patterns created are manipulated via a lighting desk. Complex lighting sequences can be controlled with virtual imagery and sent to any multiples of LED products via Ethernet to distribute across up to 256 DMX universes. This vastly reduces the DMX allocation on lighting desks. The latest PixelDrive developments are a laptop version and the Sound Trigger, which enables any attribute of the fixture to be connected to a sound trigger. The system has user-definable sound triggers that sync precisely with the music.
James Thomas Engineering
Knoxville, TN
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MediaServe consists of four layers (three file and one live) with chroma keying and video speed adjust. Control is via a DMX interface of 32 channels through a MIDI-video controller. Features include fully dynamic 360° 3D orbit camera position with zoom; RGB color adjustment and intensity/blackout; horizontal and vertical scaling and position; preset recall with adjustable transition speed; and keystone correction on selected layers. With a total of 24 customizable effects/layers, each effect has up to 16 individual customizable parameters. Additional features include a wireless keyboard and mouse; two SATA RAID 160GB HD; 24-channel controller with motorized faders; 4-8 BNC composite live video inputs; and one FireWire video input. Output connectors include one each DVI/VGA, VGA, S-Video/RCA NTSC/PAL Composite, and RGBHV. Supported output resolutions include NTSC/PAL, SVGA, XGA, WXGA, and HD.
Tavullia, Italy
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