Blues System



The Blues System is designed for backstage lighting applications in the working theatre. The system comprises two dimmable fixtures, plus optional controllers and accessories. BlueDome is a wide-angle, dimmable LED fitting for low-level applications such as stairwells, lobbies, wings, and seating areas. BlueBeam is a narrow-angle dimmable LED fitting for high-level installations, including loading galleries, upstage crossovers, scene docks, and under fly floors. Blue Beams are available in 5°, 10°, or 20° beam angles and are effective from 1' to 50'. Both Dome and Beam are available in non-dimmable versions for emergency lighting and other applications. The fixtures are IP67-rated. Available accessories include various baffles, louvers, and J-box adapter plates. Blues System is manufactured in the UK by Global Design Solutions Ltd.

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