Better, Brighter Martin RGB Laser 1.6™

Martin Professional’s Class 4 laser, the RGB Laser 1.6™, has received a host of upgrades to significantly increase its performance. The RGB Laser 1.6 is capable of extremely deep saturated colors, notably an intense blue, which allows for the creation of true and pure white. Wavelengths are now calibrated even closer to absolute white.

DMX controllable or simple plug and play operable, the unit is now much brighter with improved scanner performance and an even wider spread angle of 80 x 80 degrees. The updated RGBL 1.6 also makes less noise when in use, with temperature-regulated fans producing a maximum of only 42 dBA.

An improved IP 52 rating means the unit is not limited to indoor use. And the RGBL 1.6 is dust protected with sealed optics, meaning that harmful deposits cannot build up inside the unit. When used outside, the laser is protected from direct sprays of water.

Users can customize their own demo sequence with up to 256 cues, which can be activated from the LCD display without any need for a controller. This makes the RGBL 1.6 extremely easy to use and makes for speedy setups and shows on the fly.

Downloading and upgrading images and graphics to the internal flash card is simple using the USB 2.0 PC interface. The USB connection can also be used for real-time programming, editing, and viewing. Martin Laser Software is included as standard and is available at

This upgraded version of the RGB Laser 1.6 also includes all the advanced features that make it a high performance yet hassle-free laser: an array of smooth graphical possibilities, fast and accurate galvos, a wide spectrum of colors, simple operation, and fast set up.

The RGB Laser 1.6’s lightweight, compact design makes it ideal for life on or off the road and unlike other lasers on the market the RGBL 1.6 will not misalign with every bump or shake. It has over 10,000 hours of operable life and for added assurance the fixture is protected by a two-year or 3,000 hour warranty.

The RGBL 1.6 has received all applicable US, Canadian, and EU approvals meaning users are assured of the fixture’s safety and performance.

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