Artistic Licence Amplifies Light-Switch


A new version of Light-Switch has just been released, which expands its capabilities even further. In 2005 Artistic Licence launched the DMX512 playback system, designed for single and multiple room lighting control. Light-Switch can now be remote controlled via RS232. This means that it can easily be integrated into a larger show control system.

Available in both UK and US style wall panels, Light-Switch is controlled by 14 illuminated buttons. Features include three pages of eight memories, with each memory containing all 512 channels and an Independent Fade Time. A fourth page provides six sequences with variable step times and direction control.

The entire system is programmed by PC application Switch-Edit, which contains a moving lamp library and fully implements both post and pre-master channels. This feature allows all types of DMX devices to be freely mixed. Once programmed, the show can be downloaded and programmed to flash memory. Light-Switch can also be programmed by recording DMX512 from another lighting console.

Switch-Edit can also link to the off-line (free) version of Colour-Tramp. This allows the power of Colour-Tramp to be used as an off-line editor to program Light-Switch.

Up to thirty Light-Switch panels can be connected to a single DMX512 cable. The slave panels can be programmed to control specific zones or rooms. This topology is a great benefit during installation, as only one DMX or Cat5 cable is needed to connect all the panels and dimmers. Light-Switch also offers an infrared interface that is compatible with TV style handsets.

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