American DJ Introduces Revo Scan LED And Revo Roll LED

American DJ has introduced two scanner versions of the award-winning "RGBW" effects: the Revo Scan LED and Revo Roll LED.

The Revo Scan LED features a flat-mirrored scanner, while the Revo Roll LED has a barrel mirror that produces more roundish or tunnel-shaped beams. Both effects have a bright output equivalent to a 250W halogen light, based on side-by-side comparison, while drawing only 12W of power.

Like the original Revo moonflowers, both the Revo Scan LED and Revo Roll LED combine red, green, and blue LEDs with white LEDs, giving the beams a rainbow-like appearance and setting off the other colors so that they seem much richer and brighter. With the new Revo Scan LED and Revo Roll LED, the X-Y mirror scanner movement is added, so images can dance all around the room rather than being limited to certain designated areas of a venue.

"These two new scanning moonflowers take our very successful Revo LED effects to the next level," says Scott Davies, general manager of the American DJ Group of Companies. "The Revo Scan LED and Revo Roll LED can do a lot more than simply project their three-dimensional images on walls and surfaces. With the added excitement of X-Y mirror movement, they actually sweep across an entire room or dance floor to provide extremely wide coverage."

Both units contain a total of 52 LEDs (16 red, 12 green, 12 blue, 12 white). Because LED lamps can be turned off and on individually, the new moonflowers' built-in programs can create a variety of chases and patterns that would not be possible with a halogen fixture. An advanced new lens technology enhances the LEDs' visual intensity, sharpening the beams.

Equipped with four DMX channels each, the Revo Scan LED and Revo Roll LED also include built-in programs and a strobe effect. The units can be operated in four modes: DMX (to control mirror movement, patterns/chases, and strobing), Sound Active (to built-in programs), Master-Slave (linkable via XLR connections), and Remote. Each unit features a 1/4" input for an optional UC-3 remote control (sold separately).

The Revo scanners' LED technology provides benefits that go beyond their stunning visual excitement. With a long LED lamp life rated at 100,000 hours, DJs and clubs can say goodbye to the expense and hassle of bulb replacement. Additionally, thanks to LEDs' low power draw, users will save energy costs and will be able to hook up more units on a single circuit. Also, because LED lamps don't give off as much heat as halogen, they keep a cooler temperature on the dance floor and can run all night without duty cycles.

Both the Revo Scan LED and Revo Roll LED feature a manual focusing lens and a 21° beam angle, and come with a hanging bracket. Each unit measures 17" x 6" x 6" and weighs 7 lbs.

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