American DJ Introduces Rainbow Tube II


Rainbow Tube II is an upgraded American DJ LED color tube. While featuring the same cost as the original Rainbow Tube and the same LED technology, it has been improved with RGB color mixing and 0-100% dimming for more control and more mood-setting options.

Suited for illumination of bars, lounges, club foyers, restaurants, architectural applications, and even retail displays, the high output tube is easy to use and more versatile than ever. It can be used two ways: either on its own with its proprietary Rainbow PP II controller or with the Rainbow PP II paired with any universal DMX-512 console.

When used with the Rainbow PP II alone, it can be run very easily from preprogrammed sequences to create six colors plus white. When used with both the Rainbow PP II and DMX, it allows users to customize effects with features like RGB color mixing and 0-100% dimming. One Rainbow PP II can control up to 1,000 color tubes that can follow 40 internal chase and color sequencing programs.

For more advanced users, the Rainbow Tube II can be controlled from a DMX-512 board through the Rainbow PP II controller to fashion more complex and sophisticated effects. The newest feature available in this mode is 0-100 percent%, which allows users to precisely control the brightness of a space to create the mood that best suits their application.

Each tube is equipped with 144 LEDs (48 red, 48 green, 48 blue), allowing users to create virtually any color. With four DMX channels, users can design programs and control the chase sequences, the speed of the chase, the speed of the strobes, and the time interval between the different effects.

Additional benefits including energy efficiency with low voltage draw, durability, longevity, and no UV emission. The lamps used provide 100,000 hours of light without any maintenance or replacement.

Each Rainbow Tube II measures 39”L x 2W ”x 3”H (1000x50x75mm), weighs 4lbs(1.8 kg) and comes with two detachable mounting brackets.

Each color tube has its own power supply, allowing users to run up to 140 tubes on a single power source with no power boosters needed. The tubes are waterproof and can be used indoors or outdoors to suit a great range of needs. The Rainbow PP II is not waterproof.

Each Rainbow Tube II has a suggested retail price of $299.95. The controller has a suggested retail price of $259.95 and is required to operate the Rainbow Tube II.

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