ADB Gives Eurospot Range A Power Boost

The Eurospot Range from ADB Lighting has recently been improved and upgraded to allow each luminaire to be fitted with a 650W GY9.5 lamp, resulting in an increase of 30% over the previous version.
Until now, the Eurospot luminaires were rated for maximum wattages up to 500W. But as a result of increasing market demand for higher light output from existing fixture sizes, ADB’s engineers have developed a new design that provides enhanced ventilation of the fixture’s body, and the range is now approved to use lamps with the higher wattage of 650W.
The Eurospot products to benefit from this upgrade are:

ADB Eurospot Model Type
F51 18º – 65º Fresnel
C51 9º – 60º Prism-Convex
DS54 18º – 38º Zoom Profile with Condenser Optics
DW54 30º – 47º Zoom Profile with Condenser Optics

The product range has also been streamlined by replacing the Zoom Profile DS51 with the DS54, which has the same zoom range of 18º – 38º but offers better optical characteristics by using a condenser optic system.
Compact and lightweight, Eurospot spotlights are easy to operate, store, transport, install, handle, and balance in any position. A simple design and rugged construction from corrosion-proof aluminium extrusions and sheet steel provide excellent mechanical strength and long term reliability.

The use of high performance optics, in particular condenser lenses in the zoom profiles, combined with anodised aluminium or silvered glass reflectors, ensures excellent output and beam quality. Focusing and zoom lens adjustment are smooth and stable. Beam shaping on profiles is made easy and precise by means of four heat insulated stainless steel shutters, or a size B gobo holder. Frontrunners allow easy insertion of a filter frame and a 4-leaf rotatable barndoor. The tilt lock mechanism is simple and efficient and the hinged bottom allows easy access to the lamp and lens / reflector for cleaning.

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