8 Of The Latest Lighting Fixture Demos

8 Of The Latest Lighting Fixture Demos

Elation Professional ACL 360 Roller

Make sure you're always on top of your game and stay up to date on the latest products. Check out some of the latest product demos for lighting fixtures, found on manufacturers' video channels. Here are eight videos from Elation Professional, Robe Lighting, Chauvet Professional, and more.

Elation Professional ACL 360 Roller

The ACL 360 Roller features 20 individual 15W RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs.

Rosco Braq Cube 4C

The Braq Cube 4C provides 100W of color-mixing output in a five-inch cube.

PR Lighting Pro Stage 150 LED

Pro Stage 150 LED features 150W RGBW LED with 5°, 10°, 19°, and 26° lens beam angle.

Chauvet Professional Ovation E-910FC

The Ovation E-910FC is a five-color RGBA plus lime LED ellipsoidal and is powered by 91 3W RGBAL LEDs.

More Demos

Robe ROBIN DL7S Profile

American DJ Galaxian Gem IR

American DJ Galaxian Gem IR is a 2FX-in-1 lighting effect with dual RGBW LED moonflowers. 

Robe ROBIN DL7S Profile

Robe ROBIN DL7S Profile features a color rendering index of over 90, seamless variable CTO, 18 bit color mixing, and more.

SGM Lighting G-1 Beam

SGM G-1 Beam features gobo wheel and color wheel, choice between wired or wireless DMX, and more.

Robert Juliat Dalis LED Cyclight

Robert Juliat Dalis is an asymmetrical 300W LED cyclorama light, consisting of 48 LED sources arranged in a double row.

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