5 Highly Viewed Lighting Fixture Demos

5 Highly Viewed Lighting Fixture Demos

Product demos are an important way to show the entertainment industry the special features and capabilities of a gear item. The following list includes five highly viewed lighting fixture demos or introductory videos published on YouTube on a manufacturer's channel within the past half-year. If you haven't seen them yet, now is the time to catch up to the rest of the industry.

Elation Professional Sniper

Many people have already checked out the specs on the highly anticipated Sniper, but if, for some reason, you haven't been properly introduced, please become acquainted, for your own sake. 

Clay Paky SuperSharpy, Mythos, and Stormy

Likened to superheroes, The Projectors could have their own comic book series. Instead of arguing over whether Thor is better than Ironman, you could get in a Clay Paky lighting fixture debate, so you better listen up. 


Nearly 11,000 people watched the special premiere broadcast for the Bright Multi-Functional Luminaire, and more have feasted their eyes on this snazzy demo. Don't be the last to know.

Martin Professional MAC Aura XB

It seems everyone in the business knows MAC. But if you don't, by all means, educate yourself.

Chavuet Professional Rogue R1 and R2 Wash Fixtures 

Chauvet Professional introduced the Rogue series in April 2014, and these Rogues have been making their own way in the world ever since. Check out what they can do.   

Stay in the know and up to date with the industry: Keep an eye out for Part 2!

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