4 Of The Latest Lighting Fixture Demos

4 Of The Latest Lighting Fixture Demos

Chroma-Q Color One 100 LED Par

Last month, Live Design compiled a list of Three Of The Latest Lighting Fixture Demos, which including videos from Robe, SGM, and PR Lighting. This month, we present demos from Chroma-Q, Elation Professional, Chauvet Professional, and American DJ. All videos were uploaded on the manufacturers' YouTube channels after June 1. Check out the videos below, and visit these related articles on what's trending in lighting gear and 5 highly viewed lighting fixture demos

Chroma-Q Color One 100 LED Par

The Chroma-Q Color One 100 LED Par has a homogenized beam that eliminates color separation and shadows often related with LED lighting. Read more about it.

Elation Professional Colour 5 Profile Ellipsoidal

The Colour 5 Profile ellipsoidal spot emits 4,100 lumens and has a 180W five-color LED engine. Read more about it.

Chauvet Professional STRIKE 4

STRIKE 4 is a multi-format LED warm white blinder that features four 100W chip-on-board LEDs that can be independently focused. 

American DJ UV Flood 36

The UV 36 Flood has 12 three-watt LEDs, a beam angle of 57°, and a wavelength of 395-400nm. 

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