10 New Lighting Product Demos From The Summer

10 New Lighting Product Demos From The Summer

Robe Lighting Spikie

It's that time of year again: The days are getting a little cooler and students are heading back to school. As the summer draws to a close, Live Design is looking at the product demos and technical presentations that manufacturers posted over the summer months. Check out the lighting gear videos shared on manufacturers' YouTube and Vimeo accounts.

Martin By Harman MAC Axiom Hybrid

MAC Axiom Hybrid combines beam and spot into one compact unit.

Elation Professional Protron 3K Color and Protron 3K

Elation presents these LED strobe fixtures that average an LED life span of 50,000 hours.

Ayrton AlienPix-RS

This multi-rotational luminaire has six RGBW multichip LED emitters on a central disk.

Chauvet Professional Strike 1

Strike 1 blinder features a 230W warm white LED source and is IP65-rated.

Robe Lighting Spikie

Spikie is a small and fast LED WashBeam with a single 60W RGBW light source.

5 More Summertime Product Demos

PR Lighting new product video

Check out 5 more new product demos from the summer months.


Designed by GDS and manufactured by ETC, CueSystem operates a plug-and-play network of cue light outstations and controllers.

Blizzard Lighting Thunderstik

Thunderstik has five 15W RGBW quad-color Osram LEDs and a fast 250° motorized tiltable head with 3-phase motors.

Chauvet DJ FXpar 9

FXpar 9 is a multi-effect fixture with an outer ring of RGB+UV LEDs and a central LED as well as SMD strobes.

PR Lighting 2016 New Products

PR Lighting introduces its new products, including XRLed 1500-W Spot, XLed 4022 RZ, XR 250 Beam, and Laser 5G.

American DJ Spot One

Spot One has a 35W LED with motorized focus, a rotating gobo wheel, one color wheel, and more.

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