LIGHTCONVERSE Visualization and Mapping a winner at 2013 Summer Universiade Games

The 2013 Summer Universiade (World University Games), held from July 6th to 17th in the city of Kazan, located in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, was made all the more successful by the use of LIGHTCONVERSE visualization software and hardware products for pre-show preparation  in addition to live use during the Opening Ceremonies, held on July 6th. The main production director of the ceremony was Aleksey Sechenov, who, along with organizers Igor Krutoy and the company group KaTri, were the imaginative and resourceful engines behind the spectacular event.

With over 10,400 university athletes from 162 countries participating throughout the 27th Universiade (second in size only to the Olympic Games), the Opening Ceremonies, with more than 45,000 in attendance at the newly built Kazan Arena, provided a fine showcase for LIGHTCONVERSE, an innovative Ukraine company with a line of multiple award-winning products.

The unique and powerful video mapping capabilities of LIGHTCONVERSE 3D SHOW PLATFORM were particularly put to work and succeeded with flying colors. In addition to more than 50 Barco projectors visualized and pre-programmed then controlled live throughout the arena, LIGHTCONVERSE also aptly handled 3D visualization duties for the pre-programming of over 1700 lighting fixtures deployed in the massive stadium, which itself was also visualized in high detail within the software in the large-scale 3D project, thus allowing for recording and testing of all visual elements of the show long before any equipment was installed.Synchronization of the ceremonies’ lighting, video and sound was time-code implemented using all High End HOG4 consoles combined with LIGHTCONVERSE operating in real-time. Event organizers stated that the use of LIGHTCONVERSE 3D visualization in advance of the show saved at least one month of costly stadium and fixture rental time.

The visual magic performed during the event centered on a 360° main screen located in the middle of the arena. Supported by four 60m-high arches, the large truncated cone shaped screen (52m diameter , 12m high) contained five smaller concentric tiered screens, also used for projection, which transformed into different configurations throughout the show as they were flown in and out of the main screen. Three of the five moving screens were segmented, which required even more precise mapping, especially during movement, while the top main screen was additionally mapped and projected in 3D, with 3D glasses handed out to all spectators.

A three tiered stage directly below (raised and lowered into the floor at key moments) was encircled by a shimmering pool of water in which sailboats glided and performers and set pieces appeared from below for various numbers during the ceremonies. The water area was also the locale for multiple beautifully choreographed fountain pieces during the show (flowing fountains also visualized within LIGHTCONVERSE).

Besides the 360° screens, other projection mapping surfaces included 18 tulle fabric type rectangular screens (21m high, 6m wide) which were raised and lowered throughout the show as they appeared from around the stage and within the water.

All video mapping of the projection surfaces, including while they were in movement, it is important to note, was accomplished to within an accuracy of 0.4 mm.

Each of three LIGHTCONVERSE SERVER STUDIO units used for mapping provided more than 15K of horizontal resolution through 12 video outputs apiece, with all three LIGHTCONVERSE servers combined feeding the aforementioned more than 50 Barco projectors used throughout the stadium.  Three additional servers functioned as live backup units while a 13th video output from one of the servers provided video direct to Russian TV channel Russia 1.

As noted earlier, the mapping was performed well in advance onto highly realistic 3D models within the software’s 3D visualizer before it was piped out live through the servers. Note that projector overlap issues are automatically corrected before the signal is sent out to the actual projectors. In fact, this unique feature corrects the brightness of each overlapped output pixel resulting in an extremely smooth blend.

Click here to view a time-lapse video of the Opening Ceremonies with videos of full Opening and Closing Ceremonies available via same link (LIGHTCONVERSE was also used for the Closing Ceremonies held on July 17th).

LIGHTCONVERSE software and hardware solutions have been developed for visualizing and integrating multiple show related disciplines such as lighting, video, 3D mapping, laser, water effects, pyrotechnics and moving objects such as trussing and staging– all within in a photo-realistic, real-time, 3D view. For more information, please contact [email protected] (Europe, Asia & Africa) or [email protected] (Americas & Australia).

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