Light in August


Rather than introduce our first-ever editorial issue for August, I'll let a guest star do it for me. Asked in the June issue of Vanity Fair about her greatest extravagance, pop sorceress Stevie Nicks responded, "One should not live without is all about lighting. I'm obsessed with lighting." Clearly a performer after our own hearts here at LD.

And what better way to inaugurate a hot new issue for a sizzling month than with concert coverage? U2 is out again and the tireless Sharon Stancavage tells all starting on page 16. Duran Duran LD Alex Reardon shares some amusing stories from Eastern Europe and offers a few pointed observations about the current concert scene beginning on page 26. And we even have a rock star of our own, Duran's Nick Rhodes, to share his impressions of illumination, in an interview (page 28) our managing editor Amy L. Slingerland conducted for us.

You may be surprised at our newest feature, Biz Wire, a gleaning of the latest happenings from the lighting front. In tandem with frequent daily postings at lighting, I feel we have the newsiest publication around...something else to sing about this month.