Letters To The Editor

More Praise For Battle Stations

My name is John Stapleton, and I was the executive producer and lead project manager for Scenic View, the company that did the sets and props for Battle Stations 21 (“War Games,” March 2007).

I just came across your March 1 article about Battle Stations 21 on Live Design Online, and I have to say, it was the best one I've read yet. Not only did you get the facts right, you captured the emotions of the people who worked so hard on this project.

Thank you for taking the time to do the research and for reaching out to the main people behind the project. Everyone who worked on Battle Stations 21 was very proud of the work, and it was nice to see proper recognition for their efforts. You should be proud of your effort as well.
John Stapleton,
Fmr. Executive Producer/Lead Project Manager
Battle Stations 21
Scenic View, Inc.
Morton Grove, IL

On Sound

Thank you for your recent articles regarding coverage of audio/sound in Live Design. My highly biased opinion, coming from the audio production world of tour and fixed installation audio, is that audio/sound are an integral component of any contemporary live event.

While there are numerous periodicals that cover individual areas of audio, projection, staging, lighting, fixed installation, and portable/temporary event design, I believe your magazine has a unique opportunity to provide a total package of the all the issues of live event design, including audio, more that any other magazine on the market.

I hope that Live Design can take that opportunity and provide coverage of audio/sound equal to the other topics you now cover so well.
— Phil Cartier
Audio Envelope
Decatur, GA