Sugar Daddy

No question that the article “Avoiding a Portfolio Imbroglio” (October 2004) offered invaluable information and considerable wisdom about preparing a design portfolio.

However, under the box of advice titled “Everybody Says Don't” came the note: “Do not include any bowls of candy or other snacks at a portfolio review.” I want it herewith understood that this gem did not come from anyone I know. Such snacks are regularly enjoyed by faculty recruiters, and can provide candidates and teachers a significant sugar high during that third hour of interviewing at U/RTA's design/technology event. In fact, there exists a secretive comparison and rating system for these offerings that I am not allowed to divulge.

It must be those “No Carb” folks who would deny the joy found in a bowl of expertly selected goodies. True, the snacks will not induce anyone to like your work more than they do, but they'll quietly appreciate you. Please ignore the only silly suggestion to come out of this otherwise informative article.

(Seriously, U/RTA does not encourage students to invest scarce resources in feeding the faculty, some of whom need to watch their weight).
— Scott L. Steele,
Executive Director,

More On Millenium Park
In reference to Ellen Lampert-Gréaux's article “Playing in the Park” from the November 2004 issue, there have been a couple of omissions regarding the systems involved with the Pritzker Pavilion project in Millennium Park.

The ETC lighting system, the ETC, Enliten, Lycian, and Altman fixture packages as well as the custom architectural cones for the Source Four PAR fixtures in the ceiling were supplied by Chicago Spotlight, Inc. The dichroic glass for the project was manufactured by Apollo Design Technology and supplied by Chicago Spotlight, Inc.

Matt Pearlman, project manager for Chicago Spotlight, Inc. coordinated the project throughout and, along with technicians from ETC, made sure that the lighting system was ready for the debut of the new facility.

Chicago Spotlight, Inc. is proud to have been associated with this project which brings a world-class performance facility to our already incredible lakefront.
Todd Koeppl
Sales and Marketing Manager,
Chicago Spotlight, Inc.