Let the sun in


The Arri Event System consists of multiple Arrisun 5 HMI PAR luminaires and the EV-6 Ballast Pack. The Arrisuns are designed for lighting large exhibition spaces where a high light output, low-wattage daylight source is needed. The luminaire has a new optically optimized dichroic reflector that provides a smooth field and a high-CRI light. The EB 575 Event-Six is designed for 19" rack mounting and contains six 575W electronic ballasts. The ballast system also features a multi-cable head/ballast extension that allows for efficient cable management, speeding setup time. Each ballast is dimmable to 50%, and can be controlled individually or by DMX. The ballasts use an active line filtering circuit for power factor correction to minimize power consumption. ARRI USA Blauvelt, NY