LDI2010 Awards Announced

LDI2010 Awards

Wally Russell Lifetime Achievement Award:

David Cunningham

Booth Awards

Best Large Booth: Martin Professional: for a great clubby feel, a fantastic layout, clean and simple and a nice showcase of all their gear.

Best Small Booth: Chromlech, with an entire booth constructed simply of their own working product; a simple brilliant idea.

Most Creative Use of Light: Coemar, for a combination of a broad range of products with elegant soft goods to create strong visual impact.

Best Product Presentation: Pyrotek: the judges said the show with the circular water curtain is immediately arresting and mesmerizing to watch.

Best Debuting Product: Staging/Rigging

PRG Commander Automation Control: an innovative motion control platform, with sleek hardware, and 3D software than can be implemented in real-time, or used as an off-line pre-production tool.

Best Debuting Product: Staging/Rigging Honorable Mention: Protech Theatrical Services, CertaStop

Best Debuting Product: Special Effects Category:

MDG TheOne: With the majority of productions using both haze & fog atmospheric effects within the same show, MDG has finally brought to market a turnkey solution by communing both atmospheric qualities in a single, highly portable design

Best Green Product: Sponsored by Showman Fabricators

Strong Entertainment Lighting: Neeva fixture, an LED luminarie, which produces a hard edge beam that can be focused, framed, and have gobos introduced into the optical path.

Best Debuting Product: Projection:

Tyler Truss: Pix2O's Video Reel with video blade panels speeds load in and load out of screen technology, but that's not all... The Video Blades can be submerged in water and are flexibly riggable, and in their 'rolled' configuration can be cued to allow screens to appear and disappear with variable timing and flexible module arrangement.

Best Debuting Product: Projection Honorable Mention: Pixled F-6 6mm screen

Best Debuting Product: Lighting: Prism Reveal: A true high-CRI, LED profile spot with shutters and incredible self-metering color control, and it can use plastic gobos.

Best Debuting Product: Lighting: Two honorable mentions: Figment DMX by Interactive Technologies and Clay Paky Sharpy

The 2010 Redden Award for Excellence in Lighting Design, sponsored by Epic Production Technologies

Theatre: Neil Austin, whose extraordinary work in the West End and Broadway won him the 2010 Tony Award for his lighting of Red

Concerts: Steve Cohen, Seth Jackson, and Bryan Barancik for the concert version of the legendary films and music of Star Wars

Corporate/Events: Emanuel Treeson of Nyx Design for the bold visual design of Microsoft press’s presentation at E3

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