Winners Of The LDI2019 Booth And Debuting Product Awards

"LDI2019 may very well be one of the best LDI's ever," said Jessi Cybulski, LDI show manager, during the LDI2019 Awards ceremony on Saturday, November 23 where the Best Booth Design and Best Debuting Products Of The Year were presented at the Live Experience Lounge on the show floor. LDI2019 has the highest number of registered attendees in the show’s history, and hosted a myriad of new special events, including free sessions at the LDI Amplify and Live for Broadcast Pavilions; organized discussions on sustainability in live events as well as diversity and inclusivity in the entertainment design industry; a nightly drone show from Intel; and the first annual LDI 5K Fun Run to benefit Behind the Scenes charity, with post-run drinks and treats provided by Ambersphere Solutions.

Live Design content director, Marian Sandberg, presented a check of the 5K fees as well as donations made during LDI2019 registrion, totaling $3,400, to Lori Rubinstein for all the amazing work that Behind The Scenes does to support those in need in our industry. "We're so proud to just be a very small part of your efforts," commented Sandberg.

Pat MacKay presented the certificates to the six undergraduate recipients—Nina Field, Mackenzie Gauthier, Joss Green, Tyler Christian Harris, Amara Peyton McNeil, and Sydney Smith— of the inaugural Pat MacKay Diversity In Design Scholarship.


This year, LDI introduced a special citation for sustainability efforts—either environmental or community—whether in the manufacturing process, daily company operation, or community outreach. The first recipient was ESKI, Inc. for its PixMob Recycling Program, which effectively recycles or re-uses every component of their PixMob bracelets. Jean-Olivier Dalphond accepted the award.


The award for Best Small Booth goes to Dotimage for their ever-changing, multi-functional motion control system, which integrates various video and lighting pixels that seem to never deliver the same look twice. Kiyoshi Isayama accepted the award.

Best Small Booth winner, Dotimage

The Award for Best Creative Use of Light went to Robe for an impactful and theatrical show that effectively demonstrated a full range of products with elevated design and storytelling in a Back to the Future theme. Nathan Wan and Andy Web accepted the award.

Most Creative Use of Light winner, Robe

The Best Product Presentation Award goes to ROE Visual for its varied textures and booth levels, as well as stunning visuals, to effectively display products. Frank Montero accepted the award.

Best Product Presentation winner, ROE Visual

The Best Large Booth Award went to Chauvet Professional for a welcoming and easily walk-able booth with varied light shows that beautifully integrate lighting with screen visuals. Caroline Chauvet accepted the award.

Best Large Booth winner, Chauvet Professional


The award for Sound went to Shure for the TwinPlex Headset, as this product easily solves the problems associated with double-mic’ing performers with high quality audio. Sam Bicak accepted the award.

The Award for Widget went to Rosebrand for Fire Stop 701, a flame retardant which works on almost any fabric, paper, or wood product. Josh Alemany accepted the award.

The Special Effects award went to Minuit Une, on the Inner Circle Distribution booth for the IVL Lighting, a cost-effective, intuitive laser special effect unit that’s variance-free, simple to operate, and lightweight. Aurélien Linz accepted the award.

In the Staging & Rigging category, there was an honorable mention for DG Solutions’ hard cases that provide a shockproof, waterproof, and affordable solution for protecting your equipment with well-designed and secure latches. 

The Staging & Rigging winner was Mantracourt Electronics for the Broadweigh Bluetooth Load Monitoring system that makes load-sensing easy peasy. Rob Willmington-Badcock accepted the award.

The Projection Award went to Rosebrand for the ReVIVE Synthetic Velour, whose colors include a grey option specifically designed to complement both lighting and projections; and brings a sustainable soft good to market, made from 70% recycled plastic bottles. Josh Alemany accepted the award.

The Lighting category had two product awards:

An Honorable Mention went to GLP for the Highlander Wash Fixture for engineering and innovating the best framing shutter system in a wash fixture that the judges have ever seen.

The first award was for lighting fixtures and went to Claypaky for the XTYLOS, an innovative new laser light based light engine to the industry. Marcus Graser and Julie Smith accepted the award.

In the Lighting – Control category, there was an honorable mention: City Theatrical for building on the family of miniature low voltage wireless dimmers with multiverse connectivity the 5 and 2 dimmer receivers compliment the growing arsenal of very useful products from City Theatrical.

The judges also recognized connectivity: As lighting and video and widget installations become more and more complicated, the judges would like to recognize companies for tackling the the complex problem of connectivity required to make things work. These companies are forging ahead to help us through the data chaos: Link, TMB, LaserNet, Luminex, and all the others that we didn’t have time to see.

The final award of the evening was the Lighting Control award, which went to ETC for the EOS 3.0 with Augment 3D, which adds long desired capabilities to a proven platform. Lowell Olcott accepted the award.

Thank you to all of you who descended upon Las Vegas this weekend. LDI hopes to see you next year!