Who's Who & Who's New At LDI2015: Meet The Buskers

Who are the buskers, those brilliant lighting programmers who can run a show on the fly, pulling it off without a hitch?

Console guru and lighting doyen Anne Valentino, the Eos product line manager at ETC, has lined up a panel of three hot buskers: Eos programmer Zak Al-Alami, grandMA programmer Zach Matusow, and Hog 4 programmer Marty Postma. Learn how they construct their toolkits for live music, including building blocks and virtual control layout, and watch as they demonstrate using their desk of choice with visualization software and music.

The Interwebs have a variety of definitions for “busking,” including:

Chiefly British. to entertain by dancing, singing, or reciting on the street or in a public place.

Chiefly Scottish. To make ready; prepare. To dress or adorn.

“To entertain or to make ready!Busking requires then (at the very least) preparation and the ability to think and react quickly. Musicality is clearly a must. Come and meet three of the industry's best and hear them share their tips and best practices to be ready for anything,” says Valentino. “You probably will get a live demonstration and the war stories are sure to be entertaining!  Zak Al-Alami, Zach Matusow, and Marty Postma have individually and combined inviable resumes— covering everything from concert touring, corporate theatre and television to lighting events in tents, on piers, on cruise ships, sporting events, circuses and clubs.  While each has chosen a different control platform, you will see what the common threads are in preparation and why the skills of the person behind the desk matter more than anything. It’s 21st-century performance art— played out with the best technology we have, or maybe just some par cans.”

Meet these gurus in Las Vegas at LDI 2015, October 19-23.

For more, download the July issue of Live Design for free onto your iPad or iPhone from the Apple App Store, and onto your Android smartphone and tablet from Google Play. 

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