Who’s New At LDI And Why You Need To Know Them

Who's Who and Who’s New At LDI…And Why You Need To Know Them.

Every year LDI’s professional training program features upward of 150 industry experts who serve as speakers and instructors for the LDInstitute and LDInnovation Conference courses, and this year’s new LDIntensives. Here are three folks who are making their LDI debut this year. Check out the Live Design and LDI Facebook pages to meet more of our intrepid pundits!

Simon Harris, Green Hippo

LDI: Instructor, Hippo School and Hippo Hot Spots

Simon Harris, a familiar face in the AV industry has been with Green Hippo for over eight years. First joining as part of the sales team in a company of six, he quickly took on the role of head of training. Teaching the award-winning Green Hippo software worldwide, Harris has gained an incredible reputation, inspiring AV individuals, technicians, students, and enthusiasts alike with the skills to program a show. Harris and the Hippo School team have visited 38 countries worldwide across five continents, training over 2,000 students, freelancers, and professionals from ages 14 to 70. He is also Green Hippo’s user experience manager, managing the interaction between users and the products, and with his vast technical knowledge, bridging the gap between end-users and development.

Heath Marrinan, FadeUp Design Group

LDI: Panelist, The Art Of Programming

Heath Marrinan, co-owner of FadeUp Design Group, has worked in the lighting industry since 1988, and is considered an expert in his field. His career has taken him all over the world, working in many different capacities. Over the years, Marrinan has worked on both the technical and creative side of the lighting industry. He approaches every project with a teamwork mentality, and understands that everyone involved with a project has an important role to play when working towards a common goal. 

Marrinan has designed and programmed tours, corporate events, television specials, live DVDs, and much more throughout his 28-year career. As co-owner of FadeUp Design Group, he spends most of his time handling day-to-day operations for the company.

Anne E. McMills, head of lighting design, San Diego State University

LDI: Moderator, Envision: The Future Of Lighting

Anne E. McMills’ lighting career extends across the many facets of the lighting world, from theatre—including Broadway and the West End—to television, theme parks, architecture, industrials, concerts, awards shows, dance, and opera. In addition to designing her own work, she has assisted many award-winning Broadway lighting designers including Ken Billington, Brian MacDevitt, Howell Binkley, Peter Kaczorowski, Jason Lyons, David Lander, and Brian Monahan. She has mounted productions throughout the US, UK, Japan, Australia, and Germany. McMills is a proud member of United Scenic Artists, Local 829, and the head of lighting design at San Diego State University. In addition, she is the author of The Assistant Lighting Designer’s Toolkit, published by Focal Press.