Throwback: High End Systems' Pre-2000 LDI Light Shows

Throwback: High End Systems' Pre-2000 LDI Light Shows

High End Systems at LDI 1992.

Those were the days, my friends. Moving lights were still pretty new to the market and LDI was the best place to show them off to lighting designers and rental shops from around the world. In those days, LDI had a “noisy” hall, where automated light shows went hand-in-hand with music and companies, such as High End Systems, put up large tents of black fabric with seats inside to present their carefully choreographed light shows. Attendees lined up at the appointed time, hoping to get in as seating was limited. In later years, the booths were more open but the light shows were just as visually compelling.

Below are videos of High End Systems' light shows from LDI pre-2000. Hosted on the manufacturer's YouTube channel, the eight videos range from years 1989 to 1999, skipping a few years here and there but still delivering all the glory of the old days. We highly suggest you watch the one from 1994 simply because.

LDI 1989

LDI 1991, Part One

LDI 1991, Part Two

LDI 1991, Part Three

LDI 1991, Part Four


High End Systems at LDI 1994.

Here's more light shows from the glorious '90s.

LDI 1992

LDI 1994

LDI 1999

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