Q&A With Mitch Hefter: A Day At Dimmer Beach


ETCP Certified Entertainment Electrician and recognized trainer Mitch Hefter leads the way for Power Prep for a Day at the (Dimmer) Beach), a one-day electrical course at LDI2013 on Tuesday, November 19, that is part of the LDInstitute Rigging and Electrical Bootcamp, and carries 8 ETCP renewal credits. Live Design catches up with Hefter about this course:

Live Design: What is a day at dimmer beach?

Mitch Hefter: Actually, it is Prepping For A Day At The (Dimmer) Beach.  The location of portable dimmer racks is often called a dimmer beach. There are  several versions of the origin of that name, but that is a different topic. What we are doing here is reviewing much of what you need to know if you are having to set up a dimmer beach, which includes codes and other standards, grounding, and bonding, as well as cable selection and calculations.

LD: Who should take this course?

MH: Entertainment electricians, especially those responsible for the layout and calculations for such and similar installations.  These principles don't apply to dimmers alone, but to all portable equipment on the feeder and load side.  Additionally, ETCP certified attendees receive 7 renewal credits.

LD: What are the highlights of the training?

MH: Not only will attendees gain a deeper understanding of the codes and standards from some of the leading experts in the industry, they will also get a deeper understanding of the rules and calculations behind this type of installation.

LD: Why is this kind of training essential to all who work with electricity?  

MH: Foremost in our work is the safety of the installation, not simply from a codes and standards perspective, but also in the application to provide a reliable install which means not having to make changes on the fly or have to compensate for a weakness in the design. Codes and standards require qualified people, and this training can help substantiate that one is qualified.

Click here for more info about the course.

Click here to register, and hurry, prices go up at midnight on October 23.

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