Live Design International Announces A New Educational Event - LDI: Live Outside Ultra Music Festival 2014. Photo by ASK Media Productions

Live Design International Announces A New Educational Event - LDI: Live Outside

Las Vegas, NV: To attract discerning concert goers who expect immersive environments, festival producers are turning to entertainment technology to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences with speed and flexibility during set-up and strike, in environments that were not built for performances. To provide event producers with the tools they need, Live Design International (LDI) is launching a special event, LDI: Live Outside, which combines demos and training, in real-time, of a concert stage set-up in a non-permanent location. This includes educational opportunities on technology and products you need to produce dynamic and fully immersive events.

Coachella Music Festival 2014. Photo by ASK Media Productions.

Taking place in the silver parking lot in the front of the Las Vegas Convention Center, Live Outside is dedicated to the design, technology, and safety considerations for outdoor events and festivals in a non-permanent concert setting. The non-profit association, Event Safety Alliance (ESA), has teamed up with LDI to present a series of four, one-hour sessions covering the essentials of safety, evacuation, and important weather decisions. Live Outside and the ESA sessions are open and free to all LDI attendees.

Jim Digby, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ESA said, “The Event Safety Alliance is thrilled to be involved in this exciting new addition to LDI. LDI has long recognized the importance of safety within live entertainment, and has been a leader in promoting training and technologies that make our industry safer. We’re looking forward to bringing the ESA’s message of ‘Life Safety First’ to Live Outside as we examine several critical issues impacting outdoor events worldwide.”

Ultra Music Festival 2014. Photo by ASK Media Productions.

In addition, there will be product demos by our Headline Sponsors: Martin Audio, Elation Professional Lighting, Stageline, Apex Stages, and FOH Sponsor Xylobands.

All of this is capped off with the official LDI Attendee party and a special musical performance. All LDI badge holders can access the Live Outside event, and LDI Front Row badge holders can access special VIP areas. See registration options for more details.

Since 1988, Live Design International has been the leading tradeshow and conference for live design professionals from all around the globe. LDI hosts over 12,000 attendees working in theatre, concerts, clubs, theme parks, and houses of worship and a wide range of international live and broadcast venues. Attendees from more than 80 countries come to LDI to see the latest gear in action, refresh their knowledge, and replenish their creativity. More than 350 companies exhibit, providing live demos and the opportunity for face-to-face discussions about the cutting edge gear they debut exclusively to LDI attendees.

For more information on the ESA, visit, and for information on LDI, visit the show website at

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