LDI2018 Booth Awards And Debuting Products

LDI2018 marks the 30th Anniversary of North America’s largest tradeshow and conference for design and technology for live events. Founded in 1988, with the first show in Dallas, TX, LDI has grown to host more than 350 exhibiting companies and close to 15,000 industry professionals.

The 30th anniversary show floor was more impressive than ever. With stunning booth designs and exciting new products, the anonymous judges were hard-pressed to make their selections, but select they did. Live Design/LDI announces the winners of the 2018 LDI Booth Awards and Debuting Products Awards below. LDI staff will visit the winners on the show floor on Sunday, October 21 and personally deliver the award crystals.

Booth Awards

Best Small Booth

CAST, for their Blacktrax demonstration of projection tracking.  

Best Large Booth

GLP, for their excellent demos and presentation of a wide range of products. The GLP booth was designed by Mark Ravenhill and Matt Shimamoto.

Most Creative Use of Light

Ayrton, for a super-impactful and energetic light show designed by Aron Altmark.

Best Product Presentation

Blizzard and ModTruss for an amazing Willy Wonka presentation that was fully immersive, using both companies' products integrated into a super-creative demo.

Product Awards

Best Debuting Product: Sound

The winning sound product is the Cyclone 8 Loudspeaker from Void Acoustics. It offers an installation-friendly package and multiple color options and is weather-protected for use in both indoors and outdoors. State-of-the-art porting maximizes its bandwidth and performance and the low-frequency driver and 1″ coaxially mounted, neodymium, high-frequency compression driver provide increased efficiency for its compact and stylish form.

Best Debuting Product: Widget

Honorable Mention goes to DMXDoohickey from Doug Fleenor Design. From field to Fleenor and back again, it gives the working electrician a way to find where they are in the universe. And it fits in your pocket!

The winning widget is the ProPlex IQ Tester LV & ProPlex 6-Track from TMB. The ProPlex IQ Tester should be called the “42.” It’s the answer to the technician’s life, universe, and everything that’s control and data. It answers the question, “Is it in the board or the rig?”…and the 6-Track is pretty cool, too!

Best Debuting Product: Special Effects

Honorable Mention goes to BOREAS™ C6 Silent Snow Cube from Froggy’s Fog. With variable control for speed, size, and distance, this quiet snowflake machine produces a lovely snow effect. It's affordable and doesn't leave a greasy wet mess on the floor. We're dreaming of a white holiday season.

The winning special effects product is the PixMob Moving Head and Wand Transmitter, which creates an engagement between lighting, performer, and the audience with an unique, interactive vision for participation in live events.

Best Debuting Product: Staging And Rigging

Honorable Mention goes to DNA Truss from Cosmic Truss/GLP German Light Products Inc.  for thinking out of the box and creating a visually beautiful rigging product.

The winning product is Lieto Concert Shell Light from Wenger Corp., which is a lightweight, fanless dedicated LED light fixture with 12,000 lumen output and three-axis beam positioning designed for installation in full-stage acoustical shells.

Best Debuting Product: Video/Projection

Honorable Mention goes to the D Series of LED components from Schnick-Schnack Systems GmbH. It is a great looking and customizable product; simple, fun and elegant. Looks perfect for festivals and concerts.

The winning product is the Pixera media server software from AV Stumpfl GmbH. With impressive hardware configurations geared toward the professional market and a clean, beautiful software interface that integrates 2D and 3D workflows, the Pixera is a promising new entry into the media server market.

Best Debuting Product: Lighting

In the Lighting Fixture category, Honorable Mention goes to Artiste Monet™ from Elation Professional. The Monet’s innovative and unique CMYRGB Spectracolor system combined with its 45,000 lumen bright, white LED in a 950 watt fixture makes this a definitive new product. The Monet houses a full blackout, 4-blade framing system with unlimited indexing and continuous  rotation control that allows shapes to rotate while morphing and transforming for transitions, projections and aerial effects not previously possible. 

The winning product in the Lighting Fixture category is the Art Centric Lighting System from ADB Stagelight, an OSRAM Business. Art Centric Lighting has created a tunable white light fixture for lighting works of fine art with sensitivity an class. The spot or wash with a CRI of 97 is controllable via Bluetooth, changing the way you’ll look at works of art.

In the Lighting Accessories and Integration category, Honorable Mention goes to SuperResolution Gobos from Apollo Design. Apollo has doubled the resolution of its glass gobos projecting black and white or grayscale photographs and graphics with intricate detail.

The winner in the Lighting Accessories and Integration category is Multiverse® Transmitter from City Theatrical, Inc. The Multiverse system can broadcast up to 10 universes of DMX or RDM data from a single transmitter while producing less radio energy than current single-universe systems.

Thank you to all of you who descended upon Las Vegas this weekend. LDI hopes to see you next year, November 18 - 24, 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Center!