LDI New Product: Neutrik True Outdoor Protection (TOP) Series


The True Outdoor Protection (TOP) series of IP65-rated, UV light-resistant products from Neutrik includes powerCON TRUE1, etherCON, and XLR product groups. PowerCON® TRUE1 TOP products feature all-black, high-impact, UV-resistant materials, with silver latches that are further contoured for comfort, gloved operation, and durability. EtherCON® TOP products feature IP65 rating and UV resistance, with rugged RJ45 cable carriers in two colors, as well as Cat5 chassis connectors for vertical PCB mounting, horizontal PCB mounting, and D-size feedthrough. XLR TOP products include 3- and 5-pin male and female XLR cable connectors along with male and female D-size chassis connectors and a UV-resistant chassis connector protection cap. Featuring gold-plated contacts, IP65 ingress protection and UV light resistance, these connectors maintain their sealing both when in use and when disconnected. neutrik.us/

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