LDI New Product: Chauvet Professional F5 IP and F2 Panels

Chauvet  Professional F5 IP and F2 Panels

The F Series LED panels from Chauvet Professional now includes the F2 2.9mm panel and F5 IP 5.9mm panel. The highest resolution panel yet offered by the manufacturer, the F2 reproduces video at 14-bit grayscale, operating on an A5s Novastar card. An 18-bit Novastar card can also be used. Digital LED drivers in the F2 deliver a 3840Hz refresh rate for flicker-free operation, with a maximum illuminance of just under 1,500 NITS, contrast ratio of 8,500:1, and pixel density of 112,896/m2. The F5 version is IP65-rated and makes use of VIP Drive 43 Nova, using the Novastar control protocol, for 14-bit grayscale output, operating on the Novastar A5 receiving card. It features a 1920Hz refresh rate, maximum 6,000 NITS illuminance, and 12,000:1 contrast. The specialized frame allows the panels to be hung overhead, ground-stacked, or wall-mounted, and they can be serviced from the front with the included service tool or from the rear using the built-in handles. chauvetlighting.com

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