LDI: Arnoldo Offermann Teaches ArKaos GrandVJ Software

LDI: Arnoldo Offermann Teaches ArKaos GrandVJ Software

Ocoee High School. Lighting Designer and DJ: Arnoldo Offermann. Lighting Designer: Monica Offermann Lighting. Programmer: Monica Offermann, Reginald Forbes.
Arnoldo Offermann, president of 4SchoolsOnly, is a DJ-turned-lighting designer who has taken his love and passion for the marriage of a live DJ show and a stunning visual appeal and combined it into one amazing experience at school dances. Naturally, as 4SchoolsOnly grew, it has given its parent company, A Premier Entertainment, the chance to grow into more upscale A/V events, weddings, and corporate. Arnoldo is a national speaker on creative lighting design for high-energy dances and multi-themed events and will make his debut at LDI teaching a full-day course on Arkaos GrandVJ software, which has personally helped him grow his business to new heights. 
Arnoldo Offermann
“Plain and simple, visuals are the new thing!” says Offermann, about using the ArKaos GrandVJ software. “Long gone are the days of music videos being what’s expected on the screens; synchronized visuals are key! Projection mapping opens up new possibilities to not just lighting designers or DJs, but rental houses, venues— you name it! Arkaos was designed to be easy to use. How easy? Well, my 15 year-old son has learned how to use it!” 
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