ESA sessions at LDI: Live Outside 2016 Adam Kaplan, ASK Media Productions
ESA sessions at LDI: Live Outside 2016

Industry Associations Participate At LDI2017

Numerous industry associations including AES, ESA, ILDA, NAB, and USITT are participating actively at LDI2017, North America’s largest tradeshow and conference for the entertainment design and technology industry.

AES, or more specifically the Western Region USA/Canada of the Audio Engineering Society, will have a booth on the LDI show floor in the new Amplify audio area, which features audio manufacturers, digital audio console training, and microphone demos. The AES booth will serve as “a meet and greet point for current AES Members in the region, and all coming from other regions who attend the LDI show, and it would be a focal point for signing new members for the Society.

ESA, or Entertainment Safety Alliance, will be presenting an InfoSession: The State of the Event Safety Alliance as well as a second session of essential importance to the industry: Manchester Arena and Black Swans. In this session, Event Safety Alliance vice president Steven A. Adelman challenges our assumptions about what the most widely recommended security measures would accomplish, and whether patrons, venues, vendors, and event professionals are prepared to accept the sacrifices to personal liberty required to implement these changes. Both sessions are free to all LDI attendees.

ILDA, or International Laser Display Association, will be presenting two classes as part of the LDIntensives, which offer serious training for serious minded pros:

  • Laser Operator Safety
    • This course provides basic lightshow safety training for those working around lasers or who are operating lasers for lightshows and displays. Provides an ILDA Laser Operator certificate of attendance. 
  • Laser Safety Officer for US Lightshows
    • To take this class, you must have prior laser show experience, or have taken ILDA's Laser Operator Safety course. Passing the test provides an ILDA LSO for US Lightshows certificate. 

ILDA is also presenting an InfoSession free to all LDI attendees: What's New with Entertainment Lasers, covering design, safety, and legal regulations.

NAB, or National Association of Broadcasters supports LDI’s series of sessions [email protected], which include sessions on Live-To-Broadcast with experts from SenovvA, plus a look at big content for small screens, and Capturing Next Level Visuals for Multi-Screen Content, presented by ARRI on the occasion of their 100th anniversary. These sessions are part of the LDInnovation Conference.

USITT, United States Institute of Theatre Technology, presents an eSET InfoSession free to all LDI attendees, with a panel of Essential Skills for Entertainment Technicians test developers. All are welcome to attend and discuss this training initiative.

ETCP, Entertainment Technician Certification Program, presents a special informational session to explain the importance of ETCP Certification for riggers, electricians and portable power distribution technicians. Open free to all LDI attendees.

For additional information on these sessions and LDI’s complete, comprehensive professional training program: visit

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