ENVISION: The Future Of Lighting Neural Climber at Franklin Institute, photo: Steven Rosen

ENVISION: The Future Of Lighting

Envision yourself at the forefront of the lighting industry. You can take a leading role by attending Envision: The Future Of Lighting on Thursday, October 20 at LDI2016, a full-day symposium that examines and discusses such topics as:

What is the next disruptive lighting technology? How does the Internet of Things play a role in lighting? What are the protocols beyond DMX? How to light using solely LEDs. The integration of scenic elements as light. Lighting art and light as art. How to go beyond the cutting edge.

Speakers include some of the most forward thinkers in the lighting industry today: Alex Tollington, Avid Labs; Steven Rosen, Available Light; Gordon Pearlman; Bill Ellis, Candela Controls; Glen Dunzweiler; Justin Townsend; Steve Lieberman, SJ Lighting Inc.; moderated by Anne McMills, head of lighting design at San Diego State University.

“The continued explosion of SSL solutions in our industry continues to amaze. The level of control possible and manipulation achievable is a veritable Moore’s Law of innovation. The merging of kinetic imagery (i.e. video content streaming) and conventional lighting is occurring at breakneck speeds,” says Envision speaker Steve Rosen, whose lighting for Neural Climber at Philadelphia's Franklin Institute is an immersive LED environment. “Will this all lead to 24/7 psychedelic hallucinatory state of being? I think not. As LED lighting settles into the role of mainstream light source (virtually replacing all other legacy light sources from halogen to short arc metal halide) a welcome share of maturity is also manifesting itself. White light will again become a classic. Colors do not have to change continually and the focus on the human entertainer can once again become central to stage shows of all types.”

Register today for Envision: Just $525 for a full day of enlightened thinking about the future of lighting, including lunch with the speakers. We look forward to envisioning the future with you.

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