Corporate Design Challenges With Andrea Michaels

Corporate Design Challenges With Andrea Michaels

Halloween event for Centinela Hospital at 20th Century Fox Soundstage. Photo by Nadine Froger
Andrea Michaels is president of Extraordinary Events, a company that creates unique, high profile, corporate and consumer events for a varied and international clientele. Extraordinary Events is listed in Special Event Magazine's "50 Top Event Companies" in the world for 2014. Michaels has collaborated with LDI on the first series of three sessions dedicated to the challenges of corporate design.
Andrea Michaels
“These sessions are for learning about the unique aspects, needs, and delivery methods of an ever-growing field,” says Michaels. “Learn how to apply the elements of a U2 concert or Cirque du Soleil show to a general session: it’s what it is, how to do it, how to succeed… in three sessions with many masterminds of the corporate events industry.”
As part of LDInnovation & Technology Conference, Corporate Design Challenges will include the following sessions: The Business of Corporate Events, The Overall Design and Production Management of a Corporate Event, and What's New in the World of Corporate Events?


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