6 Light Shows From LDI 2016 GLP booth at LDI2016. Photo by Adam Kaplan, ASK Media

6 Light Shows From LDI 2016

Looking forward to what lies ahead in 2017, Live Design is reflecting on the highlights of 2016, including LDI, held last October in Las Vegas. LDI2016 was one of the best editions in the show's 29-year history, from 13,000 attendees to the largest show floor to date. The booths were bigger, the lights were brighter, and the fun even better. LDI2017, to be held November 13-19 in Las Vegas, looks just as promising, if not even more mind-blowing. Here are six light shows, recorded and shared by the companies themselves, that were among the many displays that dazzled LDI2016 attendees. Whether you're seeing them for the first time or the tenth, enjoy the shows, and imagine what else you'll see at LDI2017.


GLP won the LDI 2016 Award for Most Creative Use of Light for an exceptional and intricate light show, designed by Matt Shimamoto.


Chauvet Professional




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