LDI Product Preview: Robert Juliat’s Lancelot Accessories

Robert Juliat’s Noria is a fully automated gobo changer for use with Lancelot followspots. It has the capacity to take up to six A-sized gobos, each fully rotating with complete control over speed and direction. Each wheel also rotates in either direction at any speed, and all are controllable via DMX, with a manual alternative also available. A Lancelot can house up to two changers simultaneously slotting into the gate,with a switching capacity to identify the first unit from the second, offering a selection of up to 10 separate gobos (five, plus open on each wheel). Also new is the Chromix graduated color-mixing system that uses high-temperature theatre color filters for a full color range. This system consists of a module with four blades, each with a frame to hold any HT filter—color, frost, or color temperature. Built on the same mechanical and technological construction as the dimmer, this ensures a progressive and smooth color mix effect. Up to five modules can be used at one time, each independently controllable. Each blade is attached with a quarter-turn screw for changing or replacement of the color filter. In the event of a power failure, a safety system allows manual control of Chromix, disengaging the motor and enabling manual operation from a handle located on the top of the followspot. Connectors for both Chromix and Noria provide power and data.